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  • DIGITAL BLUE QX5 COMPUTER MICROSCOPE, Mangnification : 10X,60X, 200X
    Light Source : Twin "Suberbrite" Leds, Resolution : 640x480, Video Playback : 15 Frames Per Second
    Complete With Qx5 Computer Microscope, USB Cable, Stand, Specimen Jars, Sampel Slide, Twezers, Eye Dropper,
    Slide Clip, & Software CD Rom
    a) Monocular Educational Microscope Model No.CXL MONO
    b) Monocular Educational Microscope Model No.CXL MONO-LED
    c) Binocular Educational Microscope Model No.VISION 2000
    d) Binocular Educational Microscope Model No.OPTI - CX
    e) Binocular Educational Microscope Model No.LX 300
    f) Binocular Compound Microscope Model No.LX 400
    g) Trinocular Compound Microscope Model No.LX 600
  • Microscopes From 1st Lab Instruments
    1. Dissection Microscope Best Quality All Brass Parts Ep10x & 20x(white glass) Rack & Pinion Motion
    2. Dissection Microscope With Bull Lens
    3. Student's Microscope ,Fixed Condensor 10x and 45x objective and 5x and 10x eye pieces with fine and Coarse movements in thermocole bo
    4. Research Student Junior Medical Movable Condensor 10x & 45x Objective & 5x and 10x eye pieces
    5. Pathology Medical Microscope With Mechanical stage & 100x, Oil Immersion With 10x,45x Objective And 5x and 10x WF eye Pieces
    6. Monocular Inclined Research Microscope With Halogen Lamp Same as except Mechanical Stage
    7. Monocular Inclined Research Microscope With 5x and 10x WF and 5x,10x & 100x oil Immersiowith
    Halogen Light with Co-axial stage ( Optional 15x eye piece avialable ) Blue coated 10x WF & 100x Objective
    8. Binocular Research Microscope with 5x , 10x and 100x oil immersion with halogen lamp 5x and 10x WF Blue coated with
    co-axial stage (Optional 15x eye piece avialable )
    9. Binocular with imported lense sleeves with halogen lamp 5x,10x 45 & 100x oil immersion Co-axial stage And co-axial
    fine coarse adjustments 5x and 10WF blue coated lense
    10. Trinocular with imported lense sleeves with halogen lamp 5x,10x,45 & 100x oil immersion co-axial stage And co-axial
    fine and coarse adjustments 5x and 10WF blue coated lense
    11. With attachment to connect to TV Trinocular microscope with camera & TV Our Cord
    12. With attachment to connect to PC with software, Trinocular Microscope with camera & TV Tuner card
    13. Projection Microscope 6” Dome with Halogen Light
    14. Projection Microscope to project glass slides on wall .
    15. Metallurgical Microscope Binocular
    16. Travelling Microscope good quality Three Motion
    17. Microscope upgrading kit for PC or TV Connection
    18. Digital Cum Video hand held microscope 40x magnification
    19. Pocket mini microscope upto 400x built in light
    20. Camera only for attachment to Trinocular microscope without adoptor
    21. Binocular Microscope with phase contrast attachment
    22. Inverted Tissue Culture Microscope
    23. Trinocular Microscope With phase contrast attachment and dark field condenser
    24. Spare dark field condenser & dark field 100x imported
    25. Spare adaptors for camera attachment custom made
    1 Simple microscope for slide type (Dissection)
    2 Single Nose Microscope Demo Model
    3 Student Microscope With Fixed Condensor
    4 Jr.Medical Microscope with moving condensor packed in thermocole & wood
    5 Medical Microscope with 100x packed in thermocole inside wooden box
    6 Inclined with Halogen Lamp
    7 Binocular with Halogen Lamp
    8 Travelling Microscope Vernier or With Newton's Ring Apparatus
    9 Microscope with dark field condensor (or) phace contrast attachment
    1 Spare bulb Halogen 6 V 20W
    2 Spare lamp assembly attachment
    3 Double Demonstation eye piece
    4 Camera Lucida Mirror Type
    5 Camera Lucida Prism Type
    6 Mechanical Stage
    7 Reflector With Clamp
    8 Eye Pieces 5x , 10x or 15x
    9 Graph Eye Piece
    10 Micrometer eye piece / cross wire Eye Piece
    11 Eye Piece 10x wide field
    12 Eye Piece 10x Blue Coated
    13 Objective 5x
    14 Objective 10x ordinary
    15 Objective 45x
    16 China Oil Immersion 100x
    17 Indian 100x Good quality Oil Immersion
    18 Oil Immersion 100x Special
    19 Oil Immersion DIN Size with coated lens
    20 Condensor For Microscope
    21 Spare blue filter glass
    22 Olympus type 100x
    23 Spare inclined head monocular
    24 Spare inclined Binocular Head
    25 Botzoil 100ml for Microscope
    26 Pointer Eye Piece 10x/15x/5x wooden box
    Microscope Binocular Made in Singapore in Thermocol Pack With 100x Oil Immersion , Halogen Lamp , Co-axial stage and
    co-axial fine and Coarse adjustment , Elegant Design Model 1319 B1 Or 1319 Bm2
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