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  • DIGITAL ELECTRONIC CABLE - FREE WEATHER STATION, Model : VMR - 928 N (Eight - In - One Weather Monitor)
    Touch Screen Monitor for Auto Scanning, 433 Mhz, Transmission upto 100 meters for Wireless Link Between Main Unit & Sensor Units.
    Cable Free Outdoor Weather Sensors. RS 232 Serial Port for Data Output. EI Back Light, Clock, Thermometer, Hygrometer, Dew Point,
    Barometer, Wind Display, Wind Chill, Rainfall, 12 - 24 Hour Forecast, Weather Forecast Symbol, Built In Memory, Weather Alarm,
    Complete with all Sensors & COMPUTER SOFTWARE
    Process & Display Data from 3 outdoor sensors through wireless 433 MHz frequency signal.
    RS 232 serial port for data output. EI back light, clock, thermometer, Hygrometer, Dew Point, Barometer,
    Wind Display, Wind Chill, rain fall, 12 / 24 Hr forecast, weather forecast symbol, Built in Memory,
    weather alarm, PC COM Port. Complete with all sensors & PC Software
  • Wireless Weather Station Touch Screen Display Transmission Of Outdoor Values Wireless (Max.100m) Display Of Outdoor &
    Indoor Temp & Humidity Weather Forecast Tendency Of Atmodpheric Pressure,Obsolute & Relative Pressure, Bargraph, Indication Of
    Atmospheric Pressure For Last 24/72 Hours,Rainfall Quantity Wind Velocity & direction,windchill Factor & Dew Point Programmable
    Alarm Funcation For Certain Weather Conditions Like Temperature Alarm Storm Warning Clock With Alarm & Date Pc Interface With
    Software Downlode Of Up To 1750 Stores Sets Of Complete Weather Data El Backlight
  • DIGITAL Thermo + Hygro + Barometer (3 in 1)
  • DIGITAL Thermo + Hygro + Barometer (3 in 1) Model : KL - 501ºF
  • Weather Station Sun / Moon Model WS-8025
  • Model : ABH-4225, Lutron Taiwan Make (4 in 1), Air Velocity : 0.40 to 30 m/s, ft/min, km/h, mile/h, knots.
    Barometer : 10 to 1100 hPa, mmHg, in Hg., Humidity : 10% to 95% R H, DEW,
    Temperature : 0 to 50% (C & F Combined)
  • THERMO - HYGRO - BAROMETER, DIAL Type (WEATHER STATION), GERMAN (on attractive wooden Case),
    Wall Hanging / Table Model
    For (Thermo-Hygro-Baro) Mechanical see Sr No.159
  • DIGITAL BAROMETER Model WS-7396, With Humidity,Temperature, With Wireless Remote Sensor
  • Digital Barometer with Humidity, Temperature, Germany (in & Out) & Clock, with Weather Forcast,
    Transmission Of Outdoor Temperature Via Transmitter Presure Barometric Trend Table Or Wall Mount
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